Decoding the Anatomy of an Espresso Machine

  • 2024-05-15
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The Inner Workings of an Espresso Machine: A Detailed Breakdown

Espresso machines are intricate devices that craft that perfect cup of espresso we all love. Understanding their parts and functions is vital to appreciating the art of espresso-making fully. Let’s dive into the heart of these machines and decode their anatomy.

1. Boiler

The boiler is where water is heated to produce steam and hot water used to brew the espresso or milk-based drinks.

2. Portafilter

This is where the ground coffee is placed and compressed before brewing. It plays a crucial role in the extraction process.

3. Pump

The pump controls the water flow and pressure needed to extract flavors from the coffee grounds efficiently.

4. Group Head

It’s the portafilter attachment point where pressurized water from the boiler enters and passes through to extract the espresso.

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