• Handrail & Balustrade

    ABLinox is a manufacturer of railing accessories with a production capacity of 1 billion pieces. Our products mainly include stainless steel stair railing handrails and accessories, finished columns and custom-designed new products, swimming pool glass accessories, blind guide nails, handrails for the disabled, and small restaurant partition columns, etc.

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  • Sanitary Ware

    ABLinox is one of the world’s top ten lead-free SS304 / 316 sanitary ware manufacturers, and lead-free sanitary ware will not cause secondary pollution to water. ABLinox’s products have passed ISO / NSF / MSDS and other certifications. ABLinox’s serves more than 100 million families. At present, ABLinox is an OEM for the world’s top ten brands. Provide casting production lines for suppliers such as Franke, Delta, Kludi, LSD, etc. We support SGS, TUV international agency inspections , and ABLinox’s faucets support a 10-year warranty!

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  • Coffee Machine Parts

    ABLinox has a professional production line of stainless steel coffee machine accessories. The main products are stainless steel coffee handle, coffee tamper, coffee distributor, stainless steel powder ring and other coffee machine tools and accessories. We support the production and processing of non-standard customized products.

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  • Marine Hardware

    At present, stainless steel yacht folding ladders and fishing rod holders are the key projects of ABLinox. In addition, our products also include cable bolts, boat posts, plow anchors, hand wheels, yacht hatch cover handles, deck buckles, hooks, deck leaks, etc.

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  • Stainless Steel Investment Casting Customization

    ABLinox is a manufacturer of precision castings. ABLinox has 15 years of experience in stainless steel customization. We have a strong production chain capability to provide you with one-stop stainless steel customized product solutions and manufacturing services. Provide one-stop service for the whole chain from design, mold opening, casting, machining, polishing, assembly, testing to delivery and warehousing, which can not only save you more than 30% of time and total procurement costs! One-stop procurement also The advantages of standardized quality, efficient communication, and clear quality responsibility! Really reduce costs and increase efficiency for you!

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  • Food Machinery Parts

    At present, ABLinox’s main products include accessories for stainless steel meat grinders, mixers, juicers, wall breaking machines, and ice cream machines.

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