Tactile Indicator

Tactile indicators are a special type of ground marking that is typically used to assist visually impaired individuals or those with mobility impairments in navigating and identifying their surroundings. They are usually installed on the ground in public places, transportation facilities, buildings, and pedestrian areas.


    Tactile Indicator Studs

    Stainless Steel Tactile Paving

    The stainless steel tactile paving helps visually impaired individuals navigate and locate the correct pathway by providing texture and tactile changes, ensuring they can accurately be guided to their destination.

    Blind Road Tactile Indicator

    Stainless Steel Tactile Paving Tiles

    Stainless steel tactile paving studs are products designed to assist visually impaired individuals in walking. They are typically installed on sidewalks, stairs, crosswalks, and other areas to guide blind or visually impaired individuals through tactile feedback. These tactile studs are commonly made of stainless steel, providing durability and corrosion resistance for long-term outdoor use.

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