Food Machinery Parts

At present, ABLinox’s main products include accessories for stainless steel meat grinders, mixers, juicers, wall breaking machines, and ice cream machines.

Our products are made of food-grade 304 / 316 stainless steel to ensure your health. ABLinox’s 15-year material 100% integrity guarantee, and quality control of the entire production chain to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, if there is a material problem, it is also 100% responsible and will never shirk. In addition, our products are regularly sent to national and international laboratories for testing, which further guarantees the quality of the products. If the customer encounters a problem, our after-sales personnel will also deal with it within 24 hours, find out the reason and explain it to the customer, and provide the solution to the customer at the same time.

Food Machinery Parts(Cover)

We support OEM, ODM, according to your drawings, specifications and financial budget, we will provide you with precise solutions with high-quality services and provide ISO, ROHS and other certifications.


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