Handrail & Balustrade

ABLinox is a manufacturer of railing accessories with a production capacity of 1 billion pieces. Our products mainly include stainless steel stair railing handrails and accessories, finished columns and custom-designed new products, swimming pool glass accessories, blind guide nails, handrails for the disabled, and small restaurant partition columns, etc.

Handrail & Balustrade(Cover)

We have our own casting production line and provide supports for project solutions such as airport projects, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, apartments, resorts, villas, subway projects, high-speed rail projects, government buildings, hotels, municipal engineering, seaside Successful cases such as swimming pool fences . ABLinox provides material list analysis, engineering cost analysis, engineering drawing design, installation drawing and on-site or video conference installation guidance support, providing you with a one-stop engineering solution.

Our guardrail products have 130 plus categories in stock and can make rapid sample delivery. The product materials include 304#, 316#, 2205#, A3#, 45# steel, aluminum and special alloy steel, etc. ABLinox has successfully cultivated 5 customers in 5 countries to become local leading distributors. The product size meets the size requirements of all over the world. Of course, product styles, specifications, and materials can be customized for production and processing. If there are product assembly requirements, we will also further control the product quality according to other product samples or inspection tools provided by customers. According to the characteristics of customers with different market positions and product market development, we provide targeted solutions to customers.


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