Marine Hardware

At present, stainless steel yacht folding ladders and fishing rod holders are the key projects of ABLinox. In addition, our products also include cable bolts, boat posts, plow anchors, hand wheels, yacht hatch cover handles, deck buckles, hooks, deck leaks, etc.

Marine Hardware(Cover)

Our products are generally made of 316 or 316L stainless steel. Even under sea water, the products are corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and bright as new after long-term use. We reserve a certain amount of raw material inventory, and have our own foundry to ensure the stability of price and delivery time, and make emergency plans for market fluctuations.

We have a complete range of technology (engineering process design–mold making–precision casting parts–precision machining–surface treatment schemes–assembly packaging–logistics delivery solutions), and understand customer product requirements and plain points, customer needs, the voice of the market and users, and have enough experience and grasp to come up with a one-stop solution in a targeted manner. We support customized processing with drawings and samples, co-creation with customers, and research and development breakthroughs in products and processes.


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