Sanitary Ware

ABLinox is one of the world’s top ten lead-free SS304 / 316 sanitary ware manufacturers, and lead-free sanitary ware will not cause secondary pollution to water. ABLinox’s products have passed ISO / NSF / MSDS and other certifications. ABLinox’s serves more than 100 million families. At present, ABLinox is an OEM for the world’s top ten brands. Provide casting production lines for suppliers such as Franke, Delta, Kludi, LSD, etc. We support SGS, TUV international agency inspections , and ABLinox’s faucets support a 10-year warranty!

Sanitary Ware

Our main products are stainless steel kitchen faucets, basin faucets, clean water faucets, 316 stainless steel faucets, LED faucets, pull-out faucets, sinks, showers, bathroom accessories, soap dispensers, floor drains, drainers, toilet brushes, handicapped Handrails etc.

ABLinox has a professional team of designers and engineers, with the design, production, processing and testing capabilities of brand bathroom products. We will conduct flaw detection, size testing, salt spray testing, pressure testing, load-bearing testing, and material testing for specific products. testing, airtight testing, etc. Control the quality of the products, ensure that the product qualification rate is 100%, and the customer complaints are 0, and decrease hidden dangers of product safety, eliminate functional failures, and unusable problems. We will run with our customers, grow and develop together, become bigger and stronger, and become the number one in the industry step by step.

Arnos can tailor-made for each brand enterprise, providing one-stop service from design, mold, manufacturing, testing, certification, etc., and can provide one-stop supply for customers’ related engineering supporting products. We can make samples within 7 days at the fastest, and the small batch inventory supports 1 day sample delivery and small batch urgent orders to give customers certain support.


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