Custom Stainless Steel Casting

Custom stainless steel casting is a manufacturing process that involves the creation of parts or components made from stainless steel using a custom-designed mold or pattern. This process involves heating stainless steel to a molten state and then pouring it into the mold or pattern. The molten metal is then left to cool and solidify, resulting in a finished product that is identical to the mold or pattern. Custom stainless steel precision casting is a versatile and cost-effective manufacturing method that is well-suited for a wide range of applications. It allows the creation of high-quality, complex parts and components with excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy.


    Automobile Exhaust Pipe (Tail Throat)

    ABLinox has rich experience in the production of stainless steel auto parts. Our technology is very mature, even the rough parts, the surface is relatively smooth, and our casting precision standard is generally CT5 and CT6.

    Custom Door Handle Casting

    We provide one-stop solution services, customizing, producing and processing according to customer drawings or samples.

    Motor Base Housing

    The dimensional accuracy of the casting is high, the surface roughness value is fine, the dimensional accuracy of the casting can reach 4-6 grades.

    Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

    Stainless steel custom butterfly valve. The product adopts stainless steel investment casting technology.

    Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pump Casing

    ABLinox focuses on the research and development and production of stainless steel products. We are proficient in making diaphragm pump accessories.

    Stainless Steel Pump Head

    The product adopts stainless steel investment casting technology. Investment casting is also called lost wax casting or precision casting.

    Stainless Steel Valve Body Casting

    Stainless steel precision casting valve body, stainless steel non-standard castings, can be customized according to customer needs, and customized processing according to drawings and samples.

    Toilet Elbow Pipe

    This toilet elbow is mainly used in aviation aircraft, which requires a high level of craftsmanship.

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