Automobile Exhaust Pipe (Tail Throat)


    Automobile Exhaust Pipe (Tail Throat)
    Automobile Exhaust Pipe (Tail Throat)
    Automobile Exhaust Pipe (Tail Throat)
    Automobile Exhaust Pipe (Tail Throat)

    Model NO. :Automobile Exhaust Pipe

    Surface Roughness: Ra0.8-3.2

    Machining Tolerance: CT4-CT6 or According to your drawings

    Standard: AISI

    Certification: CE, RoHS, ISO, CUPC, NSF, EN

    Material Standard: ASTM and GB

    Size: OEM

    Specification: OEM

    OEM / ODM: Available

    Material: 304#, 316#, 2205# stainless steel and special alloy steel, etc

    Technology: Precision Casting


    • ABLinox has rich experience in the production of auto parts.
    • The material of this car exhaust pipe is 304 stainless steel,which mainly adopts the production process of stainless steel precision casting.
    • Our technology is very mature, even the rough parts, the surface is relatively smooth, our casting precision standard is generally CT5 and CT6.
    • Welcome to map and sample custom processing.


    Model Number Automobile Exhaust Pipe
    Material 304/316/carbon steel
    Technology Lost wax casting +machining +surface Treatment
    Service OEM & ODM Service
    Quality control First sample inspection, 100% inspected, third party inspection available
    Testing facilities Spectrometer, CMM, Salt Spray Test Machine,Callipers, micrometer, projector Load test machine
    Package Bubble + Carton + Wooden Case



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