Coffee Machine Steam Nozzle


    Coffee Machine Steam Nozzle
    Coffee Machine Steam Nozzle
    Coffee Machine Steam Nozzle
    Coffee Machine Steam Nozzle
    Coffee Machine Steam Nozzle
    Coffee Machine Steam Nozzle

    Model NO. : Customized

    Surface Roughness: Ra0.8-3.2

    Machining Tolerance: CT4-CT6 or According to your drawings

    Standard: AISI

    Certification: CE, RoHS, ISO, CUPC, NSF, EN

    Material Standard: ASTM and GB

    Size: OEM

    Transport Package: Standard Export Transport

    Specification: OEM

    OEM / ODM: Available

    Material: 304#, 316#

    Technology: Precision Casting


    • The nozzle is made of food-grade hygienic material, which is safe to use and easy to clean.
    • The problem of rough milk foam can be solved by adjusting the angle of steam injection.
    • On the importance of the steam head for milk foaming: the Italians designed the steam hole of the coffee machine in order to improve the production efficiency.
    • It is relatively large, so the impact of the steam on the milk is great, and it is difficult to control.
    • The steam humidity is too high, which is a headache for most baristas, and the milk foam is very rough. No matter how strong the milk froth technology is.
    • The determinant of steam humidity is the ratio of steam to hot water in the main boiler and the size of the steam head aperture. The larger the aperture of the steam head and the greater the angle at which the steam is ejected, the greater the humidity and steam intensity. We can find that the steam head plays a crucial role here. If we make the diameter of the steam hole smaller, does it mean that under the same steam conditions, the intensity of the steam coming out is smaller, and it is better to control, and the design of the steam injection angle is moderately adjusted. After repeated tests and comparisons, It does greatly improve the quality of the milk froth.


    Position This nozzle can be connected to the steam wand of a coffee machine to create rich milk foam by injecting a combination of steam and air.
    Material stainless steel 316 or 304
    Design OEM serviced provided
    Finish Casting surface, mirror or satin,etc.
    Type Coffee machine steam nozzle
    MOQ 500 sets, and to be evaluated
    Package Pearl cotton bag, and customized packages are available.


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    Coffe Machine Steam Nozzle 3


    Coffe Machine Steam Nozzle 1


    Coffe Machine Steam Nozzle 5

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